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The Team

Who We Are


Ronni Byrd Bryant

Ronni is a loving caring Mother of three children that has ran a cleaning business for over 11 years and still going strong.  Premier Community Care Home Inc is a gift from God allowing her to give back to the community.  She started as a Data Entry Clerk, Autism Care Giver,  Computer Major, Accounting then started to manage over 30 Employees.  She is very passionate in helping people.   Her passion is to honor our Veterans and homeless men and women.  Together we can build up our homeless men and women to have confidence and become stable in a loving caring facility.

Justin Dungca

Justin is currently in Army Reserves he helps with providing food and items to our community.  He is very passionate in helping our men and women. Justin has kept in touch with his family while in the armed forces and this has helped him realize how much our military members need help from the community when it comes to providing food and items for them during their time of hardship.

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Jonas Dungca

Jonas is a well-known artist in our community and plays music at various locations providing great guitar sounds and piano playing for our community.

Julianna Dungca

Julianna loves to help others, especially when it comes to providing food and gift baskets for the community. She spreads joy wherever she goes and is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

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